Core Platform

Open Architecture

Deliver cutting-edge mechanisms and features that enhance scalability, security, and communication. Stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Core platform

Leverage cloud-native and microservices architecture, improving productivity and overall system resilience.

Reduce the time to market with micro frontend technology, allowing independent teams to work in parallel.

Facilitate communication with various systems using numerous data formats and protocols, from APIs to file-based data exchange.

Manage the performance of APIs across their lifecycle, allowing applications to handle increased traffic and user demands effectively.

Reduce downtime. Detect and resolve performance issues before they affect your users and your business. Enable quicker deployment and wrap an existing web application in a native container without building from scratch.

Containerized microservices architecture

  • Ability to scale applications independently
  • Flexible use of various technologies and frameworks
  • Independent deployment for quick updates and faster deployment cycles
Containerized microservices architecture
Micro frontends technology

Micro frontends technology

  • Work independence on various features or services for speeding up the development process without the overwhelming complexity of a monolithic codebase
  • Scalable independent micro frontends and efficient handling of varying user loads
  • Reusable components across different parts of the application or projects, saving time and resources
  • Seamless and consistent user interface across different parts of the application

API-first approach

  • Reusable APIs and code across various services
  • Clear contracts established by APIs allow to work simultaneously on different parts of a project
  • Automation tools to speed up the building process, enabling faster product delivery
  • Well-defined API contracts that simplify integration and usage
API-first approach
API management

API management

  • Flexible systems that are responsive to evolving business needs
  • Robust security features, ensuring that APIs are protected against unauthorized access and threats
  • Valuable insights into API usage and performance, guiding future development

Integration hub

  • Cross-system communication using numerous data formats and protocols, from APIs to file-based data exchange
  • Real-time processing with asynchronous messaging support
  • Reduced communication complexity by exposing REST APIs, even for legacy applications
Integration hub
Automatic CI/CD pipeline

Automatic CI/CD pipeline

  • Automated building, testing, deployment and application monitoring
  • Pre-configuration of proven tools for quicker adoption of market best practices
  • Accelerated development and deployment cycles

Performance monitor

  • Application’s health and availability monitoring
  • Quick troubleshooting with real-time data
  • Improved user satisfaction thanks to APM ensuring that your applications meet users' expectations
  • Key metrics measuring, such as response time, throughput, and error rate
  • Optimized resource utilization, cost, use, and allocation, reducing operational costs
Performance monitor
Cloud agnostic

Cloud agnostic

  • Freedom to choose or switch cloud providers without significant disruption
  • Improved risk management
  • Cloud solutions tailored to meet specific needs
  • Cost-effective services from multiple cloud providers, avoiding over-reliance on a single vendor's pricing structure

Security framework

  • Centralized identity and access management features
  • Configurable protocols for inter-application communication for enhanced security
  • Integration with existing user repositories via LDAP for unified authentication
  • Multi-factor authentication/authorization schemes with support for various security devices
Security framework
Native mobile wrapper

Native mobile wrapper

  • Single codebase for both web and mobile platforms
  • Native device features access, like camera or geolocation
  • Update and maintain channels more efficiently, as changes only need to be made once.
  • Responsive web design – app runs perfectly on all devices
  • App store distribution for visibility and trustworthiness
  • User experience resembling native apps, providing a familiar interface to users

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