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Dive into the next generation of finance with our seamless microservices-based digital platform tailored for today's fast-paced, API-driven environment.

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Clients that trusted us:

Create the Digital Finance Ecosystem of the future today

Build an advantage through cutting-edge technology. Comarch Open Platform is an ultra-flexible modern platform that integrates the best BUY & BUILD strategies augmented by the OWN model tailored to your enterprise.

Accelerate transformation your way – choose individual modules from our comprehensive range, or opt for a complete business solution. Merge the plug-and-play BUY components with an extensive range of BUILD tools. Utilize the platform’s open architecture and APIs, continuously developing your online banking platform. Partner with third parties to deliver value-added services to your customers. 

Craft your digital banking system how you want, without vendor constraints – adopt the OWN strategy and champion the autonomy of your digital banking ecosystem.

Our clients note:

Reasons to Choose Comarch Open Platform

Open architecture

Deliver cutting-edge mechanisms and features that enhance scalability, security, and communication. Stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Core Platform

Unleash your potential

Let your teams develop solutions using state-of-the-art tools and unleash their joint potential. Create a unique solution and take complete control over it without vendor lock-in.

Self development

Composable banking platform

Use off-the-shelf services flexibly and build your solution like building blocks. Stay ahead of your competitors and deliver unique value to your clients like never before.


One banking platform

Build a well-connected ecosystem of services and products. Achieve unprecedented business harmony and take advantage of composable applications within one platform.

Business solutions

Flexible Approach


Accelerate your transformation with a strategic buy approach. Utilize ready-to-deploy business services and compose your banking platform to fit your unique needs. Tap into an extensive array of ready-made micro-applications that perform the essential functions of any digital banking platform.

Enhance your financial ecosystem with our plug-and-play services, designed to streamline operations and optimize customer engagement. Our micro-application suite is the key to seamless integration and operational excellence, enabling you to deliver top-tier services with minimal effort.



Unlock the full potential of your IT and business resources. With our low-code and no-code tools, you can swiftly and efficiently build a sophisticated digital banking system that will propel your business and outpace the competition.

Our platform’s open architecture offers unlimited configuration possibilities, allowing you to tailor every aspect to your specific needs. Leverage a complete set of pro-code tools and SDKs to create solutions on a well-tested technological stack, ensuring reliability and security.

Achieve vendor independence and minimize risk. Our solution grants you the freedom of choice and control over the future of your IT and your business.


Don't just adapt to the future. Define it.

Seize control of your digital channel and avoid becoming vendor-locked with your online banking platform. Embrace the OWN strategy and achieve total independence.

Elevate your financial services with cutting-edge technology that puts you in the driver's seat. Our core banking platform empowers you to customize your digital experience, ensuring that you are way ahead in the field of online banking platforms. With the OWN strategy, you'll have the autonomy to innovate and the agility to respond to market changes with unprecedented speed.